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God has blessed our church with the ability to have many different ministries designed to connect you with a ministry that is relevant to your current stage of life. No matter who you are, we have a place that you can grow in and learn more about God and His Word. 

Nursery (All services for children 0-2 years old)

We strive to keep a safe and clean environment for our little ones so our parents can enjoy or participate in the services without worry or interruption. For the safety of the children, our nurseries are "well-baby" nurseries and are staffed appropriately.

Kid's Ministry (3 years old- 6th grade)

Through our various children's ministries, we seek to teach the basic truths of the Bible, to instill a healthy respect for authority (especially parents), and to create a desire to live a life that would be pleasing to God and beneficial to others.


Our teens face many temptations. They are often encouraged to "enjoy the moment" without any regard for the consequences. This is why we seek to instill in them biblical wisdom, so they can make sound decisions in accordance with God's will. We want them to enjoy the days of their youth, but not at the expense of their eternity. Therefore, we have weekly Bible classes, monthly activities, yearly camps, youth rallys, and conferences all in an effort to see them grow in God's grace.


Bible studies are a unique way to dig into God's Word on a more personal level. At North Valley, we strive to put teachers in place that will both help and challenge those who are interested in strengthening their relationship with the Lord.

Treasure Hunters/Growth Groups

Every Wednesday from September to May we have exciting programs for all ages. Treasure Hunters includes K-6th grade children is a fun time for the kids to sing, play games, learn about the Bible and even earn toys. In addition, the teens and the college and career aged singles each have their separate programs. 

Asian Indian Ministry 

There is a sizable Asian Indian community around the Phoenix area, yet sadly there are not many Christian communities for the Indian people. Led by Pastor Matangi, we desire to have a ministry for the Indian people to grow in God's Word and grow together as a fellowship of believers. 

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Van Ministry 

We want everyone to have the opportunity to come to church, so every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening we send two shuttle vans to pick up and drop off kids who cannot get rides to church. 

Ladies Bloom Ministry

We know life is a huge roller coaster, we have ups and downs but no roller coaster is as fun as the one we ride with friends. Our purpose for this group is for all young women, no matter what stage of life you are in to come together and Bloom. Our vision is to be able to build a small community of friendships that you can call your family or “village”. Our goal is to be there to comfort, support, bring words of wisdom, and of course have moments of joy and fun! God commands us to care for one another and that’s what we are hoping for you today, to feel loved and cared for, but also to be edified in your circumstances. Please Join us on this journey. We want to be a blessing to you in anyway possible and watch you Bloom.


The Bible makes it clear that we are tasked with telling the world about the Gospel and God has blessed our church with the ability to support over fifty missionaries, church planters and other ministries. If you would like to be involved in helping support financially click below. 

Capitol Ministries 

God has blessed Pastor Loveless, through Capitol Ministries, with the opportunity to host a Bible study for several of our politicians at the Capitol Building in Phoenix. Pastor Loveless started meeting with many state representatives, senators and other personnel in 2014 and has seen success in teaching God's Word and the gospel to many important state officials. 

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